An appreciative podcast

Appreciative inquiry is a strategy for purposeful and profound change. It identifies the best of ‘what is’ and then encourages one to dream of ‘what could be.’ It is a collaborative search for the strengths and passions which can lead to inspired, positive change. 

A key characteristic of AI is that it is generative – generating new ideas, committed actions, and deeper connections between people. 

Robyn Stratton-Berkessel

Robyn Stratton-Berkessel

Over the summer, AP co-director Suzanne Quinney had what she describes as an ‘inspiring conversation’ with a positivity strategist which perfectly illustrates the idea of generativity. ‘Robyn Stratton-Berkessel and I have connected via social media many times over the recent years, so it was particularly nice to strengthen that connection by doing a podcast together,’ she says.

‘We talked about some of the highlights of the World AI conference in South Africa, and shared our learning and practice around Appreciative Inquiry – including our 5 ‘C’s – crucial elements of a good AI process

You can read about and listen to the full conversation here…

Suzanne says: ‘I felt especially privileged to be the first UK person whom Robyn has invited on her podcast show, Positivity Strategist. And also to be in such august company – she has had some very experienced people who are engaged in great work. The one with Dr Lindsey Godwin and Kathy Becker showcases the work of some of the leaders in the AI field.’ You can see the full list here, and also sign up to be notified if you want to hear from Robyn’s future guests – people who are making positive changes in the world.

In addition, Robyn has compiled a very useful list of AI resources, which you can access here. 

‘Robyn is doing great work supporting the ‘appreciated world’, reminding me of this quote by Erich Jantsch, ….the appreciated world becomes the motor for change induced by human action”,’ says Suzanne.