Appreciating People become Big Local representatives

Community development; Big Local

Appreciating People helps a community group identify goals, strengths and plans for their neighbourhood...

Appreciating People directors Suzanne and Tim have been appointed as Big Local representatives in the North West by the Community Development Foundation, which runs the Big Local on behalf of the National Lottery.

Tim will be helping neighbourhoods in Liverpool and Knowsley help create local partnerships and community groups to apply for a £1million pot, to be spent over the next ten years, while Suzanne will be supporting neighbourhoods in Wigan and Oldham. Each community group will then be able to decide how to spend their money, potentially putting it towards grants, loans or start-up funds for small businesses in the area.

Suzanne said: ‘We’ll be helping neighbourhoods and community groups form partnerships, and identify their vision for where they live. The work follows on from some Connecting Communities work we did, so it’s great to see the continuity as these communities create and build their own futures.’

The communities the Appreciating People team are working with are from the first round of 50 neighbourhoods. The Big Local initiative will eventually include 150 neighbourhoods and communities nationally. For more information have a look at their website at: