Staff engagement and Quality Improvement (QI)

Appreciating People has worked with a variety of organisations – particularly those experiencing change – across many sectors, to help and support them in engaging staff and improving quality. Recently, we’ve delivered a large project with a health organisation, using AI to support Quality Improvement. In doing so, we’ve discovered that giving QI agents a grounding in AI philosophy is extremely useful, equipping them on their journey of working with colleagues to develop QI. But why? What impact could you expect it to have in your organisation?

Well, Appreciative Inquiry processes are extremely effective at supporting staff engagement and promoting positive engagement. Firstly, they can help you engage your staff as a partner. Engaging staff as a partner means that their role is more than filling in the survey form or giving improvement ideas – their role is to take action to create the workplace that they desire.

Using Appreciative Inquiry helps you change the question from ‘What improvement actions are needed?’ to ‘What are you willing to commit to create the workplace you desire?’

Company-wide actions still need to be taken, but something shifts when employees are placed in charge of their own experience. Engaging them in the process helps them shift from a bystander to a creator.

We’ve also used AI in our work with a large charity, which wanted to develop a positive engagement programme. AP trained about 150 of their staff (and some volunteers) in AI, so that they could go and design and facilitate a range of Positive Engagement Conversations. The feedback from these Positive Engagement events across the organisation was collected, and passed to the leadership.

The participants’ comments included:

‘Initial paired conversations made me realise how powerful the technique can be’

‘Lots of positive experiences – it previously felt like change was not possible or difficult, and the AI course has really motivated you. AI techniques really applicable – both personally and in my work life.’

Simply using an AI process within an organisation enhances engagement as a side effect. For example, during Birmingham Children’s Hospital’s Learning from Excellence programme, they discovered that using AI to encourage people to report on excellence also increased staff retention.

If you’d like to talk to AP about working on positive staff engagement or Quality Improvement together, click here to contact us, or call 01309 671 584.





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