What’s happening now? Appreciating Health and Care resources

We had a wonderfully rich and lively book launch for our new book, Appreciating Health and Care, on Zoom in April…

What a fabulously successful book launch, well done all, thanks for a wonderful two hours,
the AI community rocks
Jane x

Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to the launch, and for the growing interest in both the printed version and the eBook.

A supplementaray e-book contains seven case studies and is only £5. It also references further useful books and resources, and a practical Appreciative Inquiry guide AI in a nutshell.

They’re all available to buy on our site shop, where you’ll also find many other Appreciating People resources. (We’re in the process of updating our bibliography of Appreciative Inquiry publications for further reading, and it’ll soon be available as a download.)

Future events

These links will also direct you to resources from the launch you can access, plus a range of events featuring the book, more of its great contributors and opportunities to hear from the authors. These offer a chance to share your own practice, to learn a bit more about the Appreciative Inquiry philosophy, mindset and where it is making a difference – in the workplace and personally.

  1. 1. Lindsey Godwin’s two minute video review of the book
  2. 2. Watch a recording and slides of the book launch.
  3. 3. A short news link (from 1.28 in!) 
  4. 4. Book for our Appreciative Supervision webinar on July 9    
  5. 5. Book for the Q webinar on July 24
  6. 6. Find out about Kayleigh Barnett and Katy Fisher’s new podcast exploring Appreciative Inquiry in Health and Care – launched on June 17 – AND get in touch with them if you have a story you’d like to shareSave the date/ time for:
  7. • Webinar Q community, September 23
  8. • Cooperrider Champlain University AI Centre webinar, September 26 at 5pm
  9. • Taos event, Dialogue with the authors, October 11

We’re also delighted to share that one of the case study authors, Katy Fisher, who is a Senior Nurse Quality & Improvement at NHS Professionals (@KatyPrescott4) has just written two blogs: