AI in action

Five core principles underpin Appreciative Inquiry practice, creating a framework for AI training. They are:

  • The constructionist principle – Words create worlds
  • The simultaneity principle – Inquiry is change – the first question is fateful
  • The anticipatory principle – Image inspires action
  • The poetic principle – What we focus on grows
  • The positive principle – Positive questions lead to positive change

Generativity is a key concept in AI. Essentially it means generating new – and actionable – ideas, energising and inspiring; often challenging assumptions and raising fundamental questions. Positivity without generativity can feel good, but it will not necessarily lead to substantive change, whereas generativity brings in actionable and new ideas. You’ll find some more useful information at

Appreciative Inquiry makes use of three key tools. They’re: 

Appreciative conversations (also called protocols’, or conversation guides and scripts)

5D cycle – Define, Discover, Dream, Design and Delivery (which is also sometimes called Destiny) – which you can read more about here

SOAR, the AI alternative to a SWOT analysis, which is focused around strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results

Our friend and collaborator Jackie Kelm has made a great introductory film about AI, which helps slot everything into place:


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