Grundtvig: strength-based learning

2014-11-27 12.03.06

The Grundtvig programme exchange kicks off with partners from Italy, Czech Republic and the UK…

Appreciating People began a European Grundtvig project in August 2013, with partners in Italy (In&Out Formazione) and the Czech Republic (Scio).  

Grundtvig projects focus on exchange of ideas, practices and experiences between different European organisations. Ours is called Sharing strengths, developing communities – promoting strength-based learning across societies for the future. The focus is on sharing our approaches to adult learning and development in communities.

We have had four inspiring exchanges – October 2013 in Prague; July 2014 in Liverpool, November 2014 in Turin, and May 2015 in Prague, and learnt a tremendous amount from each other and our projects about the subject.

Our first full blog on the project featured on the Appreciating People website in January 2014: you can read it here  

Our Italian co-ordinator Francesca says: ‘It has been a challenging and transformative experience: exchange and sharing have opened new horizons and paths. Focusing on strengths helps us to be resilient and to better address difficulties and issues: we all need to be more aware of our own and others strengths!

Our Czech mastermind Lucie says: ‘Being part of the organising team of the Grundtvig project was an enriching experience mainly because we were always eager to tell each other: “This was great, well done, I appreciate that!” And also, “I think what we could learn here is that next time we can do it even better, differently.” The spirit of openness, sharing and co-creation was there from day one and lasted until the end. Many good seeds were planted in our respective countries as well as internationally and that’s what European projects should be about.’

You can also read our Grundtvig Partnership exchange journal, Grundtvig – Strength-based resource guide handbook and Grundtvig Partnership practitioners here…

Our final outcomes are uploaded here…


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