Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme

1380726251212Appreciating People began a European Grundtvig project in August, with partners in Italy and the Czech Republic.

Grundtvig projects focus on exchange of ideas, practices and experiences between different European organisations. Ours is called Sharing strengths, developing communities – promoting strength-based learning across societies for the future.

We’re sharing our approaches to adult learning and development in communities. This autumn saw AP’s first overseas training course with one of our partner groups, and senior associate Helen Bush talks about her experience of the visit.

I was very honoured and excited to be part of the AP team who visited Prague this year, taking passionate community workers from Liverpool with us.

‘The excitement was two fold – I’ve never been to the Czech Republic before, but had heard what a fabulous city Prague is, and – having delivered AI training and a pilot women’s personal development day at ABCC in Anfield – it was a great bonus to be able to take along three very special people we’d worked with.

‘The trip had a hectic programme mix of work, culture and socialising, allowing us to get to know the teams from Prague and Italy. We crammed so much in such a short space of time. Exchanging learning and best practise in AI, sharing our personal journeys as practitioners and learners, planning for the 2014 visits to Liverpool and Turin, sampling the local cuisine, and – of course – the odd beer, guided by our fabulous hosts.

‘It was so rewarding sharing our learners’ experience of being immersed in a new and different culture and realising how much AI insight they had to offer.

The Prague trip took place from 30th September to Oct 3rd 2013, and a return visit to Liverpool is scheduled for four days in early July. A group of 20 or so Czechs and Italians arriving in Liverpool – AP already has some great plans for our visitors, and are planning to host a visit as varied, interesting and cultural as our trip to Prague.