Visual minuting


We use visual minuting – or graphic recording – to record meetings in words and pictures, on large visual displays. They combine a mixture of pictures, graphics and text, which are more easily absorbed and understood than words alone.

AP works with a talented group of artists and visual minuters led by Claire Stringer. Colourful, vibrant and attractive, the display provides a group memory of the meeting that’s easy to understand and share with others, and research shows it helps to stimulate creativity amongst a group of people.

People who have difficulty in expressing themselves in words often find pictures and diagrams helpful, and are stimulated to participate by seeing them used. Visual minutes are also a helpful tool to facilitate the work of groups working on complex problems.

Visual minutes have numerous advantages over standard flip charts, power points and minute taking, including:

  • recording meetings and conferences in real time, capturing its story and outcomes
  • the ability to see the whole picture at a glance
  • links can be identified and further drawn out
  • participants get drawn in and involved
  • a visual dialogue is created, during which people construct new meaning and gain new insights
  • the visual image becomes a group memory
  • useful where there are a number of languages being used, or poor literacy
  • participants feel acknowledged, have a way of checking accuracy and can actively engage with the process when they see what they’ve said being recorded
  • presentations using large displays encourage creativity interaction, and clarify strategies, encouraging strategic thinking

If you’d like to talk to Appreciating People about providing visual minutes for anything from a planning, development or creative session to an everyday board meeting, get in touch – you can also have a look at our Oldham Big Local group’s blog  for more examples.


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