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Fiona Shaw is an award-winning copywriter and publisher, and director of Wordscape. She creates our web content, writes our blogs and Wordscape publishes our resource material. Fiona specialises in clear, incisive storytelling for purpose-led businesses. She is on the boards of Baltic Triangle CIC and Kitty’s Launderette.

More than minutes – Claire Stringer and other artists

We collaborate frequently with a group of visual minuters, integrating their work into training, teambuilding and strategy days where required.  They provide wonderful visual summaries of conversations and events. They have also provided illustrations for some of our journals, including How to be More Awesome, Awesome 2 – the student planner and Number One – the young person’s journal for the Canal and River Trust, published in July 2017.

Alder Advice

Alder Advice is a group of independent professionals, sharing a common value base and working in health, social care and housing. It works across Britain as a ‘strength-based’ specialist adviser with a mission to help disabled people live the lives that they choose and to reduce the inequalities they experience. 

Alder Advice has a strong commitment to working collaboratively with its clients, seeking to co-produce solutions and transfer skills where appropriate and possible. Alder’s first project was in 2009 and has since worked with more than 50 local authorities and a wide range of others. A strengths-based approach (is underpinned by Appreciative Inquiry), with clients commenting that this positive and collaborative approach helps them achieve transformational change that is essential to benefits realisation.

We are partners in the International Academy for Appreciative Inquiry (IAAI).


Sue McGavin

Sue McGavin is a founder and CEO at Citizen Engagement CIC, specialising in supporting organisations to make positive differences in their lives, communities and businesses.

Sue brings 30 years’ experience to share with Appreciating People: in housing, regeneration and the voluntary sector. She has held a senior position at Supporting People for 12 years, commissioning and managing neighbourhoods for a large West Midlands metropolitan local authority, as well as spending five years working with inner city housing. Some of Sue’s specialties include practical strengths-based development, community engagement, action research, asset transfer, social enterprise and creative collaboration.

Sue is a trustee of Summit House Support, and is project lead for Shropshire and Telford Young Advisors. She is a mentor for the Apni Zaroorat Community Network – a charity working with Asian women and families in the West Midlands – that has recently been honoured with the Queen’s Award for their work in the community.

  • If you can walk, you can dance; and if you can talk, you can sing
    a saying from Zimbabwe
  • A good neighbourhood is a wonderful place to grow up in.
    Colin Ward
  • Taith

    Taith shares our vision of support and development based on shared action plans and involvement from the whole organisation. Welsh for ‘journey’, Taith helps both individuals and organisations develop their capacity for continuous improvement.

    Appreciating Church

    Appreciating Church is a Christian ecumenical project which aims to encourage the church at a local and national level to engage people in an inclusive way, by listening to ‘all the voices’, building on our existing strengths and skills, counting our blessings and co-creating a resilient church as part of the kingdom of Heaven.

    Appreciating Church is seeking to develop a self-sustaining Appreciative Inquiry (AI) community of practice across the churches. The organisation was originally initiated by the United Reformed Church, in partnership with Appreciating People, the Methodist Church, Quakers, and the Congregational Federation, with interest from individual dioceses of the Church of England and others.

    Providing AI training and advice supported by published resources offering practical understanding of AI theory and practice, Appreciating Church also integrates theological insights, experiences of AI within the Church, and worship material.

    Appreciating People co-created the book Appreciating Church, published in 2017; the More than Welcome cards published into 2018; and is involved in the accreditation of Appreciating Church practitioners.

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    International partners

    Inspiring Partners

    Spain (and Spanish-speaking markets)

    Inspiring Partners are experts in organisational development. Their work focuses on contexts that broaden perspectives, encouraging the talent within an organisation to innovate and act successfully, creating new opportunities for the organisation. Their work is based on strategies with a sustainable impact, focusing on people, a purpose and a plan.

    Inspiring Partners’ work recognises the importance of a collective vision in a successful action plan. Their work helps shape a vision so motivating that challenges become both aspirational and achievable.

    Their work facilitates the discovery of common areas for people, strengthening ties by creating working groups and learning communities. They help broaden perspectives by creating a clear vision that mobilises resources individually and collectively; they also support planning by promoting skills and attitudes that enable continuous learning, encouraging  innovation and successful action.



  • With us, everything you say can be used to your advantage…
  • Francesca Oliva



    Francesca Oliva is a social and work psychologist, working as a consultant and management trainer and facilitator. She has worked for a number of consulting companies within leadership and organisational development and has founded two companies. Her focus is on the development of people and organisations, helping them find new ways to work, communicate, engage and participate. As a counsellor and coach, she helps people deal with challenges and develop their strengths, working across a range of sectors, private, not-for-profit and public companies.

    Francesca works with AP as their Italian partner in the Grundtvig Project ‘Sharing strengths, developing communities –promoting strength-based learning across societies for the future’. She is also the Italian distributor of AP training products, and will be the Italian editor of Appreciating People’s AI materials. She also shares AP’s belief in the potential of positive change using appreciative and strength-based approaches, and enhancing resources, capacity and resilience in both individuals and organisations.



  • We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring. Will be to arrive where we started. And know the place for the first time…
    T.S. Eliot

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