Monthly Archives: August 2013

The importance of a ‘culture of encouragement’ in organisations and communities

If you think back in your work – in whatever setting you operate within – alongside the passion and commitment you may have personally brought to the role, you might have noticed the people who have helped and supported you on the way. This can be in variety of ways… It might have started with

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Passion and enthusiasm: why they’re the key to strategic planning

‘Passion is more than fun. It’s more than just an interest. I think it’s something that speaks to your values and to your gut: something that really propels you forward. For myself, I’m passionate about all things career.’   Carol Ceniza-Levine, Founder of Six-Figure Start. For me, the key human skill you’ll need to create and develop

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Encouraging simplicity and creativity in reports and plans

For some strange reason – and I‘m convinced it’s serendipity (another future blog) – on a number of occasions when a potential blog theme emerges, there’s some quote or article relevant or thought provoking in the UK Sunday newspaper The Observer. In the business leader, under the title Time British bosses started engaging posteriors, too the

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