AP director finishes AI apprenticeship

Appreciative Inquiry; Jane Magruder Watkins; Tim Slack; Mette Jacobsgaard

Tim Slack with Jane Magruder Watkins (left) - one of the founders of Appreciative Inquiry - and respected trainer Mette Jacobsgaard at the AI Foundations NTL Lincoln series course, following his successful apprenticeship

AP co-director Tim Slack has successfully completed his apprenticeship on an international AI course…

Tim has just come back from successfully completing his AI apprenticeship at the NTL AI Foundations course, led by AI founder Jane Magruder Watkins and Mette Jacobsgaard, one of the first people in Europe to be trained in Appreciative Inquiry. Participants came from all over the world to be part of this apprenticeship session, including Denmark, Holland, India, France, New Zealand, USA, Germany and UK. The training group also included three AP clients.