Appreciative Inquiry in one sentence

Appreciating People runs an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) training programme, which includes a three-day Deepening your AI practice course. The programme is an opportunity to explore and build your appreciative muscle and mind set, whether as a practitioner of AI or as a newcomer. AI is currently used by a range of organisations, varying from community businesses, NHS, schools, amongst others, as an organisational development tool focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses.

In one of our activities we ask participants to think of a short sentence that describes AI…

Here are the phrases that emerged from our recent wonderful cohort:

  • Learning together and valuing each other
  • Looking at life through a different lens
  • Acknowledging the here and now and building on the strengths people bring to move things forward
  • Focusing on what works – it’s generative so doing it makes more of it
  • An open ‘blank’ page to creating the future together
  • Positive focus at all times
  • Be kind and use each other’s strengths
  • Strength based approach (not ignoring what did not go so well) – AI provides balance
  • Creating possibilities and getting the best out of people and situations
  • A way of being and doing that moves us forward
  • Shifting mind sets to pay attention to what works

Thanks to our awesome Appreciative Inquiry voyagers from AQuA (Advancing Quality Alliance); Patient Safety Collaborative (West Midlands Academic Science Network); and Plymouth Hospital.

Invitation to readers…

If you were asked to describe Appreciative Inquiry in one short sentence or phrase, what would it be?  Please let us know.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in joining an AI advanced practitioners course, as we run them occasionally. There may be places available as long as you’ve already done a two-day course or the equivalent, and some practical AI projects.