‘Back on your feet’ programme features in journal

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Appreciating People's AI-based hostel programme, 'Back on your feet', features in this month's issue of Drink and Drugs News

AP co-director Suzanne Quinney talks about AP’s Back on your feet programme with Westminster City Council and Riverside ECHG in this month’s issue of Drink and Drugs News. Suzanne has been working on the programme with Westminster for the last two years, using AI techniques to help hostel residents become more resilient to relapse. Originally working with King George’s, the programme has now been rolled out to every hostel in the borough; Suzanne has worked with around 40 residents personally, although the hostel staff she has trained during that period have worked with scores more.

It’s about discovering more about the strengths we already have and quite often aren’t giving enough attention to, or maybe we haven’t really registered we’ve got them…’ she says. And staff began to notice changes pretty soon into the project, she says. A second project with Westminster City Council, which covered training for the rough sleeping team, was a more traditional use of AI in this setting, she says, but the project remains the first time AI has been used directly with hostel residents, anywhere in the world.

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