A different way to look at your life…… Do a Spiritual SOAR

Last year we delivered a three-day AI course for clergy and church-based community workers. One of the ideas to emerge from the process was a SOAR ™ exercise based on your spiritual life. 

The Spiritual SOAR was co-designed as part of an Appreciating People and United Reformed Church project to create a Community of AI Practice within the church, and now the model has been successfully used in a variety of settings. It’s designed to help people connect with their existing spiritual strengths and begin to identify the next steps in their journey or chosen path. We’ve uploaded the Spiritual SOAR exercise we created for you to try it out for yourself – if you use it, please let us know how it has helped and supported you.  

The Spiritual SOAR was designed for primarily a Christian setting, but if the last question in the ‘strengths’ section is amended, then the SOAR can be used in any spiritual setting. We’ve also created a non-church model, which we’ll blog about in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that, too… 

Thanks to Fiona Thomas of URC for developing it with us, and to Jackie Stavros and Gina Hinrichs for creating the original SOAR model.