AP announces new appreciative journal

appreciative journal, Food for Thought, appreciative inquiryAppreciating People are delighted to announce the publication of our first book, an appreciative journal. Food for Thought: a journal for appreciating daily life will be launched at the Appreciative Inquiry World conference in Ghent on April 25, and then formally in Liverpool on Friday May 11.

From May onwards, participants in AP training courses will receive a copy of the journal as part of their training materials, and we’ll also be selling it both online and at AI-related events nationwide. Food for Thought introduces the practice of appreciative journaling – based on the idea of noticing, and recording, the good things in your day. Food for Thought encourages you to develop an appreciative attitude to life, prompting and inspiring you to notice the good things. This method of positive psychology is becoming increasingly widespread, and has been adopted by the NHS, homeless hostels and the US army, amongst others, to support personal wellbeing. Food for Thought is full of tips, tools and techniques – and inspiring quotes – to use at home and at work, helping you focus on life’s positives, rather than its pitfalls. You’ll learn to develop your appreciative self, flourish and support your wellbeing.

AP co-director Tim Slack, who wrote Food for Thought, said ‘we’re delighted to launch the new book – we know from experience the impact appreciative journaling can have on someone’s life, but – as we had never seen the right product for journaling in – we decided to go out there and create it ourselves. We hope it gives other people as much enjoyment and support in developing their resilience and wellbeing as it has us…’

We’re also really pleased to be able to include some guidance from our colleague Nick Moore, of MooreInsight, who talks openly and honestly about his experiences of appreciative journaling. Significantly, Lesley, Nick’s wife and business partner, also took the time to tell us about the impact of appreciative journaling on their relationship. ‘Nick’s daily appreciative journaling has made a significant and lovely difference to my life,’ she says. ‘As increasing numbers of joyful moments are noticed, savoured, grown and recorded, so have tempers levelled and edges softened. There’s less heat, more perspective and more ease. The jokes aren’t any funnier, but some how they are. Thank you.’

Food for Thought links up with nef‘s Five Ways to Wellbeing, which encourages people to take notice of the world around them, saying: ‘Noticing the simple things – like a change in season or a piece of artwork – and savouring the moment helps put things in perspective and allows you to be more appreciative.’ It’s four other Ways to Wellbeing are:

  • CONNECT with others – whether it’s at home, work, school or within the local community. Taking the time to develop these relationships can enhance everyday life…
  • Be ACTIVE – a healthy body helps achieve a healthy mind. Find something suitable for your level of fitness and, most importantly, that you enjoy. It could be anything from trampolining in the garden to walking to work…
  • Keep LEARNING. Trying something different – like learning a new instrument or language – will set a challenge, increasing your motivation and confidence…
  • GIVE… do something nice for a friend or stranger or help out in your local community. Putting your efforts towards a good cause can be incredible rewarding…


Food for Thought is sponsored by Liverpool PCT’s 2020 Decade of Wellbeing, which encourages people to integrate nef‘s Five Ways to Wellbeing into their lives, and stresses the importance of mental health and wellbeing as much as physical health; of the significance of feeling good as part of being healthy.

Liverpool PCT’s Andy Hull says: ‘For a region to thrive economically and socially, its citizens much enjoy good health and wellbeing and have equal opportunities to enjoy life. The Decade of Health and Wellbeing is for everybody, and everyone can join in to make our city equal, well and green by 2020.’

Keep an eye on the blog for more information about the launch, and for buying information…

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ISBN: 978-0-9566344-7-4
RRP: £12
Format: A5