AP at the CIPD conference

Appreciating People co-director Suzanne Quinney will be joining partners Taith on their stand at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development annual conference and exhibition in Manchester this week. Taith (Welsh for ‘journey’) specialises in helping organisations develop their self-evaluation skills, helping them continually develop and improve on their personal journeys, and partners AP on a range of projects.

Sarah Lewis, who is giving AP’s Global Entrepreneurship Week speech on Positive Psychology at Work on November 16, is also giving a workshop at the CIPD conference, on Using Positive Psychology to Create High Performing Teams. She’ll be talking about how the magic ratio of positivity can help teams become more connected, the practical lessons from positive psychology research into creating high performing teams and how teams can organise themselves so that work becomes engaging and energising for everyone.

You can find out more about the CIPD conference on their website here – other workshop topics at the conference include Strengthening resilience against stress at work, Creating leadership models for the future and a strength-based approach to performance management. The conference ends with Marcus Buckingham, best-selling author and adviser to some of the world’s most influential organisations, giving the keynote speech, called Find Your Edge: win at work. He’ll be sharing his strengths-focused approach to management and cutting-edge techniques from his new book Standout.