Global Entrepreneurship Week starts today

Appreciating People kicks off Global Entrepreneurship Week with a 'high impact event' award for its Positive Psychology at Work lecture

Global Entrepreneurship Week starts today (November 14) and Appreciating People’s ‘Positive Psychology at Work‘ lecture has been been awarded a ‘High Impact Event’ badge by organisers.

The Positive Psychology lecture, by leading psychologist and AI practitioner Sarah Lewis, has been awarded the badge for fulfilling at least three out of five of GEW’s criteria:

1. Join the conversation: this year we are running a national conversation about what entrepreneurs need, and what support is out there. Conversation needs to lead to action and the more partners that get involved, there more action there will be…

2. Provide practical support: Global Entrepreneurship Week is all about providing practical assistance that makes it easier for people to start or grow their business.

3. Provide role models: research shows that people are inspired by role models that come from their community and who they can relate to. It is important therefore to include these in your event.

4. Promote cross-sector collaboration: the best support comes when different types of organisations collaborate and contribute their respective skills.

5. Develop enterprise capabilities: enterprise education is essential in helping the next generation to develop the skills and attitudes they will need to succeed – whether they become self-employed or not.

There are only a few remaining tickets to the event – click here to confirm your place at the Positive Psychology at work lecture now.

If you’re a Twitter user and are planning on attending the event, you can join Global Entrepreneurship Week’s ‘Big Conversation’ by using the hashtags #GEW and #HighImpact.