AP joins in new Liverpool writing festival

IOW-01AP is running a free workshop on appreciative journaling, as part of the In Other Words festival, Liverpool’s new festival celebrating writing and books.

Led by senior associate Helen Bush, our workshop, on Thursday May 2, will introduce newcomers to this powerful positive psychology technique, helping you notice the positive things in life. It’s proven to increase personal wellbeing, through small, incremental increases in mindfulness, and noticing – and savouring – the good things that happen around you. It’s been used by groups as diverse as the NHS, homeless hostels, people living with dementia and the US army, as well as people who want to change their mindset to the world around them.

When you’re starting off in appreciative journaling we’d suggest you try and capture something every day, but that’s more to get you into the routine – it doesn’t have to be that prescriptive as you get more accustomed to looking at the world in that way, but is designed to help you remember to appreciate the good things in life. It might be something as simple as seeing a spring flower bloom on the way to work, a compliment from a friend, a favourite song on the radio, or a more significant milestone in your family or career, but the effect is cumulative, and overwhelmingly positive.

We’ve long advocated the positives of appreciative journaling, but here are a few choice words from our friend and colleague Lesley Moore, on their shared experience of her husband and business partner Nick’s journaling: ‘Nick’s appreciative journaling has made a significant and lovely difference to my life,‘ she says. ‘As increasing numbers of joyful moments are noticed, savoured, grown and recorded, so have tempers levelled and edges softened.There’s less heat, more perspective and more ease. The jokes aren’t any funnier, but somehow they are.

You’ll hear a series of tips on what to notice – or questions to ask yourself if you’re struggling to see the good things. It also includes exercises to help you develop those observations as you get more used to journaling. It’ll also include a section on creative journaling, and using magazines, newspapers and photos to create a physical vision of your hopes, dreams and aspirations.

The session will run from 5-6:30pm at Metal @ Edge Hill Station, and places are free, but you do need to book (put your name down by clicking here). Copies of our appreciative journal, Food for Thought, will be available for half price on the night, at just £6.

Our journaling workshop is one of hundreds of In Other Words events, celebrating the written and spoken word in Liverpool. The festival runs from April 23 to May 19, including both World Book Night and the reopening of Central Library, following it’s £50million refurbishment. Events include author readings, books swaps, storytelling events, debates and poetry competitions and performances. You can see the full programme here.