Appreciating People celebrates fifth anniversary by helping community organisations

Appreciating People today (July 18) launches Appreciation Works, a new Community Interest Company (CIC) to work with the voluntary and charity sector, social enterprises and community organisations.

Appreciation Works will use Appreciative Inquiry (AI) to help third sector organisations excel and grow through  realising their strengths, focusing on the positives in any organisation and creating sustainable improvement. It fosters a culture of resilience – especially useful at a time of change and stress – and supportiveness amongst all staff.

Appreciation Works will operate in:

  1. Organisational Development (OD) and business development for third sector organisations in conjunction with VOLA (Voluntary Organisation Learning Association)
  2. Community planning and support for community organisations and community champions
  3. Facilitating board meetings and events for the community, working from the strengths that an organisation already has.
  4. Appreciative Inquiry training and strength-based strategic planning
  5. Personal development programmes designed to enhance personal confidence and resilience for a group of people, starting with a project working with the Somali community in Liverpool
  6. Positive Transitions for Women, in partnership with Blackburne House – a ‘Reflect and Renew‘ programme for women at a point of change in their lives
  7. Programmes for people seeking support to move away from addiction and homelessness

Tim Slack, co-founder of Appreciating People, said: ‘During our five years in business we have helped over 40 organisations realise their strengths to excel and grow.  Sadly, we have recently seen many third sector organisations struggling to survive and individuals are trying to work out how to maintain their well-being. Appreciating People helps organisations ‘ask the difficult questions’ and construct new visions and plans based on an organisation’s existing strengths and potential.’

Co-director Suzanne Quinney said they apply the simple Appreciative Inquiry 5D model to bring about positive change: ‘Firstly we look at what the organisation is doing well  and then use the model to build on that. The five Ds are – Definition of the inquiry, Discovery – appreciating the best of what is, Dream – imagining what could be, Design – determining how it can be, Delivery – creating what will be. 

’This simple process is used with major corporations and with small community organisations to support and deliver major change and develop their strategic plans.’

The Appreciation Works website launches later this week…