Awesome resilience film on Bay TV

awesomex220pxWe’ve just made this film with our local TV channel, Bay TV, on How to be More Awesome – a resilience workbook for young people. Designed to be used by individuals and groups of young people to help them build resilience and wellbeing, we launched How to be More Awesome at the Liverpool Studio School in September, where pupils from the school helped us design and test its contents. 

A recent study by the University of California shows that writing about emotions in a journal or diary produces a calming effect that can help individuals recover from distress and worry, while a wealth of similar research suggests that keeping a journal provides an emotional release and helps prevent stress and anxiety.

Building resilience

How to be More Awesome has its own dedicated website, which contains guidance for facilitators and more information about resilience, as well as a place for participants to explore related material, and we’ve just taken on our first Awesome agent, Emily Karatay.

It’s currently being used by people in countries all over the world, as well as schools in the UK and Belgium – if you’re already using it please give us your feedback, or you can find more details via our Awesome flyer, or get in touch to know more. 

You can follow How to be More Awesome on Twitter and Facebook, or have a look at the Awesome website at