Discovering play in Denmark

Painting at our Big Conversation event. Suzanne Quinney, AP co-director, is on the right.

Painting at our Big Conversation event. Suzanne Quinney, AP co-director, is on the right.

We’re off to Denmark next month, where we’ve been asked by the Nicolai for born organisation to facilitate the two day conference on child’s play.

Plool! Children’s Culture Conference will take place on April 28 and 29, bringing together European educators, designers, artists and facilitators from children’s cultural centres, museums, the experience universe and cultural associations. We’re there to share ideas, learn new skills and inspire new thinking.

Our role is to introduce delegates to Appreciative Inquiry and the 4Ds – which we’ll then use as a structure for the conference’s learning and exploration of themes. Not only does it offer a highly participatory format for exploring ideas, it will also be extremely inclusive and interactive – great for the networking elements of the event. 

AP co-director Suzanne Quinney said: ‘We’re very excited to be so actively involved in such a great event with an amazing range of presenters and participants. We’re looking forward to being given licence to encourage “play” at work, especially in a location that has been nurturing creative play for the last eighty years. The intention behind this conference is that participants return to their countries with new and practical ideas that they can put into action. Our job is to help that to happen.

Denmark is, of course, the home of Lego, and Tina Sorensen from the Lego Foundation will be speaking as part of the event. You can see Lego’s short film about Cultures of Creativity here:

Research increasingly shows the importance of ‘play’ and creativity – and not just for children. If you’re interested in the value of creativity in the workplace, you can find out more here. There’s more information about the conference , or you can get in touch with AP to hear more about our work…