Learning from Excellence continues to grow

AP co-director Suzanne Quinney is heading to Reading this month for the launch of Oxford Patient Safety Collaborative’s TREx programme. Thames Valley Reporting Excellence is a community and network of healthcare professionals who champion excellence reporting, looking at what goes well through mechanisms to create new opportunities for learning, improve healthcare and help with staff morale.

Suzanne has worked extensively with West Midlands AHSN (Academic Health Science Network). More recently she has been training at Milton Keynes hospital, including helping them get more connected to the AHSN network, and is currently working with Southampton General Hospital, delivering three days in October, and three more next spring.

Suzanne will be speaking at the event alongside a range of speakers including Suzette Woodward, the national director of the Sign up to Safety campaign; Dr Dan Jones from the University of Reading; Steve McManus, chief executive of Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust; consultant orthopaedic surgeon and Olympian Richard Dodds and Katherine Edwards, the director of patient safety at Oxford Patient Safety Collaborative. She will be introducing the audience to Appreciative Inquiry, giving the room a taste of paired conversations, and how AI supports Learning from Excellence. She is looking forward to seeing Suzette Woodward again, as they were both speakers at the LfE community of practice last November.

Within the healthcare sector, Learning from Excellence is growing from an idea to a social movement; TREx aims to make sure that – as the initiative spreads and takes roots in different centres – links are created and maintained between the participants. In another example of an impassioned grassroots practitioner taking on Learning from Excellence, anaesthetic registrar Amanda Valentin has been organising the event; she first met West Midlands AHSN’s Adrian Plunkett at Bucks Healthcare, before rotating to the Royal Berkshire in Reading, and on to Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital for the final part of her training.

The event aims to promote learning from each other about the best ways to start excellence reporting in a clinical setting, how to make the most of excellence reporting and how to sustain the work.

Free, and open to both individuals and teams from across the NHS in the Thames Valley region, TREx is supported by the Oxford Patient Safety Collaborative (PSC).

Appreciating People will also be speaking at two upcoming Learning from Excellence events in the next six weeks: Suzanne returns to Birmingham on November 15 for a Community of Practice day, while Tim will be speaking at a Positive Change conference in Amsterdam.

The Community of Practice day is the second year the event has run, with another planned for 2019. Suzanne is a contributor to Love in the NHS: Stories of Caring, Kindness and Compassion – its launch is planned  for November 2019, published by Taylor Francis.   

You’ll find more information about our Learning from Excellence work in this short film…