The Anticipatory Principle Rap

We use an exercise to help embed and learn about the five key AI principles in all of our Taste of AI training and advanced programmes. We ask participants are asked to create a presentation in any format they would like, to reinforce their learning about constructionist, simultaneity, anticipatory, positive and poetic principles.

Over the years we’ve had some amazing creative, thought provoking and funny examples. I’ve secretly hoped that one day we would get an AI principle rap and, in April delivering a two day AI course, two participants of a great course delivered my wish. Thank you both for the creativity – and also your permission to share it.




The Anticipatory Rap

Anticipatory is linked with how you see

The world and what you want

Don’t think bad it holds you back

Positive thoughts bring their own rewards

The principle anticipatory

Aim for the top and visualise

Then your dreams will realise

Don’t think bad it holds you back

Take small step

And on you get

Be grateful every day

And you will find your way

The principle anticipatory

~ Karen Hutchinson and Rachel Hope, participants on Appreciating People’s Newcastle Adult Safeguarding Panel AI training course, April 2018

If you’d like to learn more about the AI principles, click here to download our resource sheet